Code of Conduct - MILPLAN

Code of Conduct

COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER, ETHICS AND TRANSPARENCY have always been among the MILPLAN Principles since the first strategic planning was drawn up in 2004.

In line with its customers’ values, MILPLAN launched the first edition of its Code of Conduct in January / 12. Aiming at adherence to the new anticorruption legislation instituted in 2013, as well as the current reality in Brazil, MILPLAN launched the 2nd edition of its Code of Conduct in January / 16.

MILPLAN’s Code of Conduct guides employees’ actions and formalizes the company’s objective of carrying out its activities in a legal, sustainable and ethical manner vis-à-vis the various stakeholders in its relationship, whether shareholders, customers, suppliers, service providers, partners, communities , Unions or governments, seeking to strike a balance between the parties.

All MILPLAN employees receive the Code of Conduct and their training upon admission. This is a way of disseminating the Principles and organizational culture of the company, stimulating the ethical conduct of employees and the commitment to comply with the Code of Conduct and / or the laws.

MILPLAN provides communication channels to receive suggestions and complaints. In addition to the employees, customers, suppliers, community and partners should use the e-mail Through the Business Integrity Committee, appropriate and confidential treatment is made for any breach of the Code of Conduct and / or laws.